Woman Photographer in Buffalo, NY

As one of Buffalo and Western new york's best and most unique child photographers,
Kellie of Belle Idee Photography is known for creating
magical, whimsical, and ethereal images for Families, Children, and moms-to-be.
Her philosophy for her photo sessions is not to just take a photo, but compares it to you commissioning your own original artwork. Extensive training and education in lighting, posing, and editing as well as years of working with children makes her the best photographer in the Western New York area.

"As a mom of 3 boys (that's us in the photo below), and with 9 years of working with babies & children, I strongly believe that it's not just the technical skill and knowledge, but the ability to interact and understand little ones that has helped my photography be so successful and my sessions so fun and laid-back.

I understand kids.
I know what makes them smile and laugh
I know some may be a little more shy and need some time to warm-up
I never force a child to sit and give a cheese smile.
If running through the waves or climbing a tree is what needs to be done, you bet I'll be doing it with them."

Best Family Photographer in Buffalo, NY
  • Hair blowing in the wind
  • Dreamy sunset lighting
  • Magical locations
  • Serious "Mona Lisa" faces
  • Dramatic Skies & Beautiful Sunsets
  • Movement, movement, movement

Where does the name Belle Idee come from?

One of my most asked questions! If you know me, or had a session with me, you've definitely heard me say something along the lines of, "So I have this idea" or "Let's try one more thing, I have an idea!", etc.
One day while using one of these quotes a friend responded back with,
"Let me guess, you have another idea."
To which I responded,
"Yeah, but they're all beautiful ideas!"
...and that was that!! It embodied my philosophy of creating art with my unique ideas and one of my most used phrases.

one of my proudest moments

This image was taken just before sunset, in June 2014 after a thunderstorm had passed.
This is my nephew and was preparing to leave for training for the United States Marine Corps.
This image has won contests and now is proudly displayed on large, vivid and colorful metal print
in the VA Hospital located in Buffalo, NY.

American Flag Buffalo, NY