After The Session

The session is over....and you eagerly await the news that your gallery is ready to be viewed.
What happens now?

* Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session I will email you a link to your gallery.
Sometimes it might take me 5 days, sometimes it might take me 2 weeks and 2 days. 
If you haven't heard from me after the one week mark, it doesn't mean something is wrong with your photos, it doesn't mean I decided to run away to the beach.
Summer obviously is busier than winter so things might take a little longer during the busy months.
And not to sound like an intense artist, but this really is art to me and sometimes I like to take a break from the current session and come back to it in a day or so. 
Contrary to popular belief, this is not as easy as clicking the instagram filter button. I want everything to be perfect. From removing the park sign that was in the background of 90% of the photos, to making sure "green" grass actually looks green and not neon yellow from the "still too high in the sky" sun beaming down on it. I pay so much detail to every image, you really have no, it's a process. 
I love every second of the process, but just rest assured, your session was great and your photos will be great.

* When your gallery is ready I will email you a link to your gallery. This comes directly from the gallery host so some email systems may send it to your promotions or junk mail folder for some reason.
So, just be on the lookout!

* When you receive your gallery it will look something like this


At the top you will see icons that you can use.

Shopping Cart - This is where you will add products or packages to your shopping cart and checkout like any other website. 
If you're ordering an item such as a locket or album that includes multiple images, I will be in touch after receiving your order to iron out all of those design details.

Heart Icon -This creates a favorites list that can be shared with me. This is handy if you've already selected a package before/at the session, at your mini-session, etc. to let me know which image you've selected for your digital files/products that were included.

Arrow Icon - If you have ordered a package that includes the digital download of all the files, you will see this icon and a PIN will be sent to you to use. Downloads can only happen on a computer at this time (not an iPad, phone, etc.)

Product Ordering

 I used to meet with people in person after the session to help them decided which products & sizes were best. I understand that we all have busy lives and many people enjoy the idea of sitting down after the kids are asleep and deciding which images, packages, etc. to order from the comfort of their couch.
If you would like to arrange a time to meet  - your home, my studio, a coffeeshop, etc. I would be happy to show you all of the product options and help guide you through the process of ordering your images.

If you choose to order through the gallery you will see this


You can navigate through the categories to order Prints, Canvas, Single Digital Files, and more (your gallery will be more updated than this photo)

Product arrival times vary. Prints arrive within a couple of days, while Canvas and Rustic Canvas can take 10-14 business days. 
If you are in a rush because it's a gift, needed for a shower/event, etc. please ask me first before ordering.
Once ALL products have arrived I will contact you to arrange a time for pickup/dropoff/meetup

Due to the nature of custom photography, no refunds or returns are given unless you product is damaged upon delivery. 
Although your photos are stunning, I can't put products back on a shelf and hope the next person buys them. 
Please double check your order before submitting. 

Due to the limits of the gallery host, your gallery will only be open for 1 month after it was sent to you. There is a fee to republish the gallery after it has closed.
As a courtesy, I will guarantee to keep files backed up on my own devices for 6 months after the session. After 6 months I am no longer responsible for these files. 
Please backup your files or order prints so your images are not the victim of technology failure. 


And that's that! Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the final product and smile every time you look at these images of the people you love the most.