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"Each day, I feel so blessed to be looking at you, cause when you open your eyes, I feel alive."

It's amazing how a photo of someone else's family can make me so happy.
Happy to be able to do this as a job.
Happy to spend my summer evenings in beautiful locations with wonderful people.
And happy to be able to give families moments like this one above to have forever.

The days go by so fast and we get so caught up in all the to-do's that being able to freeze a happy moments like this is so awesome. Little moments like this that we don't even think about at the time end up being so special and emotion evoking....and will only become more and more special as the years go by.

In today's post I share the dreamy & Super sweet images from a family session I photographed in july at a little beach on lake erie, just south of hamburg, ny. 
It was a warm Summer night, a slight breeze (which I thank the photography gods for because there are few things I love more than a good hair-blowing-in-the-wind look), and the sweetest family ever! 

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos and reading a little more about this session and some of my thoughts on how to make your family session the best one ever!

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Buffalo, NY Family Photographer

When I first began my business i felt pressured during family sessions to make sure i get a variety of super posed photos and somehow keep everyone happy and having fun. I did this because i thought that's what people wanted....even though my whole reason behind doing what i do is to capture real moments....and there's nothing "real" about saying cheese.

over the past couple years I've been able to encourage families to come to their session with "having fun" being the only goal. 
Just have fun with your family.....give hugs & kisses, laugh & Giggle, explore & play and let me do the rest.
Because I can now do what I love and create images that show the beauty of real moments, I love love love my family sessions.....and the result is a large gallery of final images that families adore. 

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real talk.....dads are not the biggest fans of getting their photo taken (my husband reminds me of this constantly)....and I get it!
but you know what....dads are the best when i  it comes to playing & being silly with their littles. 

so when there's no pressure to give me pose after pose, and cheese after cheese.....and they can just be goofballs, the results are so sweet!!

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and moms.....
images of moms snuggling their babies are one of my favorite favorite favorite things ever! 
moms give love and comfort and freezing that in a moment forever and ever is the best.

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And let's just talk about outfit/clothing for a moment.
One of the most frequently asked questions I get about family photo sessions is
"what should we wear?!"

I have a whole list of thoughts & tips on this....but if you remember two things you'll be good.

1.) Dress for your location....if you're going to be at the beach, dress in pastel or soft colors that will compliment the water or cotton candy sunset skies. If you're going to be in a field of tall grass at sunset in the fall you rock the deep, rich, warm jewel tones.

2 Follow the "boy band rule" (I made that up).....that means, look like you belong together without everyone wearing the same khaki & white shirt combo.

Just check out this family see what I mean. They followed soft, cool color palette.
It complimented the greens of the trees in the little park area, but once we got down to the water it was obvious that they couldn't have picked a better combo of colors & clothing  for the sky & water that evening.

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Hamburg, NY Photographer

As you can see, this family had an adorable little lady that is just over one year old. she loved the water (as you can see in the photos)....but i will say that not all kids are fans of the water & wind at the beach, so if you have a little one I would suggest making a couple trips to the beach before the session to see how they react and maybe get them comfortable with the setting.

but clearly....the feeling of the wind, sound of the waves, and getting wet in the water was not a problem at all for this sweet gal.

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and finally.....moms & dads....you put so much of your time and energy into your little family.....but we can't miss out on stealing a little moment for yourselves. 

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I hope you enjoyed viewing these photos.
I love having family photo sessions at the beach....i feel like it's my bread & butter and I could go there every evening for photos and it still wouldn't be enough!! As we head into late fall....and knowing that winter will be here before we know it....i can't help but look at these and just long for the warm summer evenings to be back. 
If you're debating on a family photo session, or not sure where you would like to schedule your 2018 family session.....let these help make your decision....I don't think you can ever go wrong at the beach!

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