Holiday Gift Ideas for the Hobby Photographer

I think it's safe to say that in every family there's one person that always seems to be taking pictures. Whether it's with a "nice camera" or their phone, they're making everyone get into groupings and say cheese, or clicking away with lightning speed to make sure they don't miss a single moment of what's going on.  With less than two weeks to go until the big day, I thought I'd give some suggestions on gift ideas for that person in your life that loves their photos.

1. A Cute Camera Strap
This was my favorite accessory to find for my camera. The boring black strap that comes with the camera just wasn't for me and finding a cute one is the perfect way to personalize the camera,
My favorite place to go when I'm looking for a new one is Etsy! 
Just type in the search box something like "floral camera strap", "scarf camera strap", "leather camera strap", or whatever other pattern or material you think that person might enjoy.

Me, I prefer black & white stripes and gold sequin ;)
I also prefer a wrist strap to a neck strap (but there are wayyyy more cute options for neck straps)

buffalo new york photographer camera strap

2. The Oh-So-Awesome LIGHT SCOOP
What is a light scoop? You probably have never heard of it....your family member that loves taking photos probably hasn't heard of it....but it's an amazing little tool that I think everyone could use!

Without getting too technical and going off on a lighting tangent let me just say that this little gadget takes those photos that overly bright and washed out from your flash and makes them softer and more "real" looking.


No special technical knowledge or skill is required to use this. You literally just slide it on over the flash and done!



I really believe you can never have too many SD Cards. Keeping extras in your camera bag helps to make sure you never have one of those moments when you go to take a picture and the camera says "No Card" and then you panic remembering you left it at home in the computer.
Having extras also keeps you from having to constantly delete your photos to make room for new ones. Consider it a "backup" or way to archive your photos in case your laptop or computer crashes.
This card below is one of my favorites to use. It records images quickly, holds sooooo many files (off hand I think it's usually around 3000-4000 standard jpeg files, but don't quote me), and most importantly - I've never had an issue with one of the cards not working or having damaged files. And at this current low price, I myself will be stocking up on these!

Same as the camera strap I talked about above, the standard camera bag that comes with camera bundle/packages was just too boring for me. There are so many cute little companies right now that are hand making way more fashionable bags.
House of Flynn is a more feminine/fashionable company has lots of options - basic, leather, plain, bright colors, etc.
of course Easy is always my go-to when I'm searching. 
If you've ever seen the large black leather bag I carry around, I got it from
My bag can hold my camera body, 2-3 lenses, extra batteries.....and snacks lol


Just a cute, quirky gift idea, and from experience I can tell you that it keeps your coffee hot

camera lens travel coffee mug

(FYI, this was taken using that LightScoop from above!....and don't judge me on the amount of creamer I use)

If the person you're thinking of is still snapping photos with their "point-and-click" Camera from 2003, maybe give them an upgrade to a DSLR that will allow them to change lenses, shoot in manual, and expand their photo-taking abilities. 
I myself am a canon girl and started on a rebel camera body. 
Below is a great option to get them started. a canon rebel body and two kit lenses for just  $389 on amazon right now!! 

7. Sign them up for a beginner camera class!!
Ok, they have the interest in photography, the gadgets, the cute accessories, and the latest camera
......but without the knowledge they can only go as far as the auto mode on the camera will let them go.
Give the gift of knowledge and sign them up or give a gift card to one of my beginner camera classes.
Classes are approximately 2 hours and we go over all the basics of the camera and spend 95% of the time camera-in-hand getting real experience and hands-on practice going through all they need to know to go from knowing nothing, to being able to understand and use manual mode so they can create the types of images they want to create!
Here's a before/after of a student from the class

basic camera photography class in buffalo, ny

My next classes will be January 13th & February 24th but will have them once per month in 2018.
I limit classes now to 6 per class to make sure I can give each student my attention and help.
Check back to the announcements page on my website after the new year to get the complete list.
Sign them up now or grab a gift card (a pretty little card will be mailed to you to have under the tree!)

Thanks for checking out this post and I hope I could help give you some ideas for that photographer in you life!!
have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!!!!!

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