Top 10 Photo Locations in WNY for 2017

2017 was an absolutely incredible year. At the end of every year I reflect back on the sessions I had and the families and people I was able to work with and wonder how in the world I can top it the following year....and somehow it always seems to happen! 
Here are my top 10 favorite locations I was fortunate enough to have photo sessions at this past year. 

I'm always so happy and excited when someone invites me to their home for photos. To you it might just be your plain ol backyard that you look at everyday, but for me it's completely fresh material to work with. When this family led me up a hill to this spot in their woods, and I turned and saw this view and the perfectly positioned setting sun, I really do think the "Hallelujah" song started playing in my head.....please invite me to your properties more in 2018, there are so many hidden gems out there that I would love to have the opportunity to photograph!

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OK, what's really funny about this is that's its literally about 10 feet from the back porch of a house near my studio....I love that one comment I read on Facebook compared it to Narnia. But if you know me or have had session with me you know that one of my mantras is "It may not look like much, but I don't need much to work with to create something spectacular." You would be shocked to walk up to this location, but trust me and my vision/skill and the final product is all that matters.

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Last summer I traveled to Canandaigua Lake for one of my favorite maternity sessions ever ever ever! This summer I was so excited to hit the road again to photograph that beautiful mom's handsome little fella. A beautiful location that I would love to travel to again someday.

This is one of my favorite locations in general to go to for a photo session. A variety of different looks in one location, and large enough that you can find a spot that doesn't have a bunch of on-lookers watching or walking through the background. Here are just a few of my favorite images that were created here this year.

I pride myself on my outdoor work, so it's ironic the studio makes my list....but in 2017 I started off with one of my most favorite themed mini-sessions and just ended it showing off my new specialty for 2018 (I will be sharing more info soon.)
I love anything that looks like a Vanity Fair photoshoot or a classic painting that should be hanging in a castle and creating more images like these in 2018 is at the top of my list of goals.

It's no secret that I love using flowers in my when we drove up to this field where Queen Anne's lace grew as far as your eye could see I'm pretty sure my eyes turned to hearts and I kept saying "I'm so happy right now"

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Anytime I get to work in a completely different location is so much fun. I have been to several different beaches, fields, etc. But shooting on a sidewalk in front of stores is a first and something I've been wanting to do for a long time! So when I chatted with this mom to figure out the perfect location for their holiday photo session, this spot that mom know of was PERFECT!

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I know, I know... it's shocking I didn't choose the beach as my #1 location. I get so happy when someone contacts me and says they want my beach images for their family. The sunset or the clouds are never the same, sometimes the water is smooth like glass and sometimes it has intense ocean-like waves....but no matter what it has to offer that evening I know it's going to be beautiful, peaceful, ethereal, and just perfect. I feel at home when I'm at the beach and since I have been to several beach locations this year, "The Beach" in general is my number 3.


This year would not have been nearly as incredible and the images created would not have been as beautiful and magical without the stunning scenery at Wild Blossom Hollow Flower Farm.
A little over a year ago one of my best friends built her dream home at the perfect location to grow her booming flower farm/design business. While I can't grow a flower to save my life, I certainly know how to photograph them and combining her skill and my photography talent was the perfect recipe for beautiful photos for so many families. And you better believe that sessions at WBH in 2018 will be even better than last year ;)

1.) Flowering Trees as Far as the Eye Can See
This session location was an absolute dream come true. As I strolled around this family's property  and there were just rows and rows of flowering trees I was in heaven. Throw in an antique truck, beautiful horse, and the sweetest little lady and this just might be the most perfect session of my life.

What an incredible year, filled with incredible locations, incredible people, and incredible images. 
I can't wait until next December 31st so I can reflect back on the amazing things that happen in 2018. I can't wait to meet new families and photograph familiar faces, and to head back to my favorite locations and discover new ones. 

Thank you for the best year of Belle Idee Photography yet!
- Kellie

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