Top 10 Photo Locations in Buffalo & Western New York for 2018

Another year of incredible sessions is in the books!
Every year I wonder how I will top the previous, but somehow you guys never let me down.
Not day goes by that I don’t realize how fortunate I am to call all of these locations my “workspace”
I’ve seen some of the most beautiful locations all over the Buffalo and Western New York area.
Whether it’s a public park, someone’s own private land, or the most random little spot on town sidewalk.
I can’t even drive anymore without thinking, “that would be great for photos!”

So, as always, this is so difficult to only have a top 10…..but here is my top 10 favorite locations for 2018.

10. The Boardwalk - Grand Island, NY

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This look was totally different from anything else I did in 2018. Normally my sessions are all about Mother Nature - flowers, sunsets, the lake. So I loved creating sort of a fun carnival boardwalk look at this cute spot on Grand Island.
Here are some fun facts for you.
1. Don’t let the sunny appearance fool you….it was freeeeeezing!
2. Yes, the seagull in the shot was 100% real
3. I bought these super adorable shades just for this session and this little doll is still obsessed with them.

9. Ellicottville, NY

Photographers in Ellicottville, NY

You don’t know how excited I get when someone has a suggestion for a location and it’s a new spot I’ve never been before.
But if you do this….prepare yourself….because I will become so excited with the new possibilities before me that we may just take a little longer than usual.
This session in Ellicottville was done in November, so I can only imagine how it will look with a beautiful blanket of snow, or in the spring or summer when everything is blooming. So, if you’re thinking of planning a session in 2019, don’t be surprised if I offer this as a suggestion.

8. Trains - North Collins, NY

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It has to be every little guy’s dream….to stand on a real (and super cool looking) train.
This location is about five minutes from my home and for years I drove by adoring this incredible private location and imagined photographing a session there.
This past fall I finally had my Train Sessions and the little ones were absolutely adorable.
The colors are absolutely magnificent and the best part is that it's no where near live tracks and totally safe.

7. Amherst State Park - Buffalo, NY

maternity photo session williamsville ny

For another year this little park in Amherst….or is it Williamsville….but the address says Buffalo. Hmmm
Either way, this little park is always a favorite.
It’s scenic, it’s not busy with people walking through our background, and it has a special place in my heart because one of my first & most loyal clients brought me here for her maternity session almost 5 years ago and it’s been a favorite ever since.

6. Family Farm in Cattaraugus County, NY

baby and cow photo session in WNY

A photography dream was checked off for me that evening.
An absolutely picturesque location.
An adorable little girl
….and a baby cow!!!!
How I got so lucky to do this for my job, I will never know.

5. The Studio

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It’s true….I love being outdoors for sessions. The beauty of mother nature makes my heart sing.
However, creating something artistic, that almost looks like a painting….well, I love that so so so much too.
And….if you’re taking the time to read this….stuck in the middle of this long post I’m dropping this exciting news.
2019….I’m finally building a studio at my home in North Collins! I’m about 5 minutes from the 219 so even you folks in Buffalo can get to me in 20-30 minutes!
Anyways, here are some beautiful images created in 2018. Get ready for what’s coming in 2019!!

best photographer in orchard park, ny
best photographer in fredonia, ny

4. Chestnut Ridge Park - Orchard Park, NY

Best pregnancy Photographer in orchard park, ny

Whether you’re looking for a forest, field of wildflowers, great view of the sky, or just some green grass and warm glowy sunsets…..this park has it all and easily one of my favorite locations to use for my family, maternity, or child photo sessions.
I will just share some images from sessions this year below for your viewing enjoyment.

3. The Lake Erie Beaches Near Buffalo, NY

best family photographers in buffalo, ny

No surprise here….if you’ve followed my work for even a week you probably know how much I love the beach.
Every night it will have a completely different vibe from the night before.
Sometimes it’s windy and creates almost ocean-like waves.
Sometimes it’s still as can be and the water looks like glass.
Some nights there is complete overcast which gives a beautiful blue & gray color palette.
Some nights there are puffs of clouds that create magnificent colors for sunset.
Some night there’s not a cloud in the sky and it creates the most warm orange and red tones.
I love it, I love it, I love it.
Is it summer time yet?!

2. Wild Blossom Hollow Flower Farm - Forestville, NY

Best Child Photographer in Buffalo, NY
best family photographer in orchard park, ny

I mean, how can this location NOT make my top 10 list.
So many of my sessions are held at this absolutely beautiful location it’s impossible to only share a couple images. Wild Blossom Hollow is a flower farm located in Forestville, NY and from mid-May through September has the most beautiful fields of flowers and views of rolling hills and sky.
From June thru September I offer biweekly mini-sessions with my Wild Blossom Wednesdays. and many people will use this location for their regular session because….it’s obviously so picturesque.
Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos taken at WBH in 2018.

  1. The Water at Sunrise - Forestville, NY

Best Pregnancy Photographer in Buffalo, NY

Hands down, my top location for 2018.
Which is so ironic because I am NOT a morning person and had to get up at 4 a.m. this day so we could be ready for sunrise.
The skies are always the most spectacular when there are clouds in the sky. So as I drove to this location and the darkness started getting slightly lighter and I could see these heavy clouds above I just had a feeling that the sunrise would be amazing….but I had no idea.
And talk about perfect timing, mom had come into town for a visit from Chicago and this was the ONLY time we had to do the session….it’s like it was meant to be.
Between the colors of the sky and the scenery all around…..this was a session I will never forget.

pregnancy photo session in buffalo, ny
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best maternity photographer in jamestown, ny

Thanks for checking out my Top 10 Locations in 2018.
Words can’t express my gratitude to all of those that stepped in front of my camera this year.
I know 2019 will be even better and I hope to see so many of you again, or for the first time.
Because I love having new locations to be creative with, if you have beautiful property at your home or know of a unique location within 40 miles of zip code 14111 let me know and I will be offering a special discount for that in 2019!
Cheers to the old and bring on the new!