Buffalo High School Senior Photographer - Bronze in Portrait Master's Image Awards

Orchard Park, NY High School Senior Photos

Just found out this evening that this image earned me a bronze award in the Portrait Masters 2018 competition. It was the one and only image that I submitted. This was my first year doing it and debated if I should or not, and then typical me realized at about 11:47 one evening that I was 13 minutes away from the deadline. There were 7 categories and I panicked wondering what to submit (and because I had minutes to go and no time to think I figured I'd just pick one for this year to save me time and money and give myself more time next year to think about it)

.....Now you might think "bronze, big deal"....but I received a score of a 73 and the top image in this teenager/senior category received an 80. There were over 6500 photos submitted and I was shocked to see images below my score that are absolutely incredible in my eyes. So, I will continue to pinch myself that somehow I am fortunate enough to have this as my job....and somehow over these few years have been deemed worthy of receiving awards, placing in international competitions, being selected as one out of 50 photographers in the country for being featured in a magazine, and just somehow being among the best of the best.

I love what I do, and I can't tell those that choose me as their photographer how absolutely grateful I am and how I spend hours before your session thinking and envisioning what I will do, and how I spend hours after working on your photos and continuing my education so that I can give you the absolute best best best photos that I can.