Let me introduce myself

Western New York Family Photographer

Hi! It's me..….I'm sure many of you reading this have no idea who "me" is. So, let me introduce myself with five fun facts.....(and it's so weird to be on this side of a post!)

1. My name is Kellie....not Belle....belle idée is the french translation of a "beautiful idea." If you've ever had a session with me you've heard me say several times, "Oh I have an idea!"....one time as I was photographing a friend I went to say that phrase and they cut me off saying, "let me guess, you have another idea" and I responded, "yes, but they're all beautiful ideas".....and that's the story to that!

2. I pinch myself everyday that this has become my career. But, my second favorite job was in my past career life as a Speech Pathologist. I always think our life leads us to certain doors for reasons. I focused on voice disorders in grad school dreaming I would move to NYC and work with professional singers to rehab their abused vocal folds.....well, I ended up working my dream job, but it was something completely different... I worked in Goshen, NY (about 60 miles outside of NYC) in a preschool and primarily worked with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. I loved this job and believe it is what taught me to have so much patience and understanding and how to work so well with all children.

3. I'm obsessssssed with the sky. Great sunset skies are what I live for. My kids have learned this and will run in the house summer nights and say "mom you've got to come see this sky!!" .....and after the initial joy of seeing it I'll get super bummed I don't have a session to capture the beauty.

4. I can't stand socks. I don't wear them. The way you feel when you hear nails on a chalkboard is how I feel when I have to put them on. So, sorry to expose you to my toes but it's one flaw I just can't get over.

5. My husband and I have been together since we were juniors in high school. Initially he put a note in my locker saying he didn't think things would work out between us (I sat in the bathroom crying for the next class)....then he came to his senses a short time later and asked me to prom and the rest is history.
.....I'll still remind him to this day about his note and that I was right once again....it did work out 😉

So, I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me. If we haven't met, I hope someday we get the chance! I love to travel all over the Buffalo & Western New York area for family, child, or maternity photo sessions. I even offer photographer mentoring and private classes for the beginner hobby photographer.

If you have any other questions about me, the business, photography, anything at all....leave a comment! I love to chat 😊📸