September: Fields of Flowers and Rustic Fall Family Photo Sessions - Buffalo, NY

Another month has come and gone, so that means it’s time to take a moment to remember some of the beautiful moments that were captured during my maternity, child, and family photo sessions!
September in Buffalo can be an interesting month…..while mostly pleasant it can easily go from 80 degrees one day to 50 and rainy the next. I left the beach one evening knowing that it would most likely be my last beach session until next summer (wahhhhhh) but this also means the fields are full of wildflowers and it’s time to admiring the glow of sunset from the fields.

Wildflower Field Maternity Session

I really didn’t spend much time at all in fields this summer, almost every session was at the beach (not complaining at all!)… it was a refreshing change of scenery to head into this field of vibrant goldenrod for this maternity photo session.
If you didn’t know, I have a “Client Closet” with about 40 dresses for any of my moms to choose from for their session if they’d like. This amazing teal dress arrived to home just a couple hours before I left for the session. Now, I’m a believer in things happening for a reason….and not only does the teal against the yellow & greens of the field just looking stunning….but wow did this pregnant mom absolutely rock it!

And speaking of things happening for a reason, this photo below was a complete and absolute whim at the very end of the session. The sunset sky was truly incredible and the perfect ending to a magical session.

wny maternity session

I speak often about how unpredictable the conditions of Lake Erie can be from night to night. One photo session might have a serene and calm feeling where the water is smooth as glass. And other nights the sky might be filled with dramatic clouds and the water is as wild and full of waves as the ocean.
Well, this session was one of those “wild nights”…..the waves rolled so far up onto the sand that I’ve never been pushed back as far on land as we had to be to do this session.
But this family was so wonderful with just rolling with it and had a great time. I think it helps that my sessions are more about having fun and sharing the moment with each other… takes the stress away from not needing every photo to be that perfectly posed “say” cheese type of session. So, bring on the waves and wind.


This was the first summer that I offered these adorable “Sail Away” Sessions…..and this adorable little guy was my last for the season.
I typically only schedule beach sessions in the evenings, but because I know 8pm can sometimes be way too late for little ones I also scheduled several of these Sail Away sessions early morning around 7:30 a.m. (because anyone with babies and toddlers know that at 7:30 a.m. they’ve already been awake, ate breakfast, played, and might even be ready for that morning nap haha!)
Let’s play a game, do you think this session was a sunset or sunrise session? Feel free to leave a comment below!

Best Baby Photographer in BUffalo, NY

And to top off an incredible year of beach photo sessions, was this beautiful maternity session.
Mom mentioned she was from the area but never goes to the beach….so obviously I’m like, we’ll you’ve come to the right girl because I actually adore Lake Erie….the sunsets are amazing and it really is such a tranquil and beautiful spot that we are fortunate to have right here in Western New York.

Buffalo NY Maternity Photo Session

This photo is a rare image to see because I no longer offer these “posed/studio” newborn sessions, but mom had contacted me way back in February when I still was. But this little lady was an absolute dream to photograph… sweet and sleepy and she looks like such an angel.

Best Newborn Photographer in Buffalo, NY

This year I had the most beautiful field of Queen Anne’s Lace grow and I was so happy to get to use them for a session. They began popping up about mid-July and really are still looking pretty good now (today is October 3rd)….although the greens are becoming a bit more yellow at this point. But if it appears as though they are growing again next year I will certainly post information on having sessions here.

I updated my client closet page this month with 6 new beautiful dresses added to the collection.
And now that we are getting into fall and the scenery turns to rich and deep color tones, I’m dying to photograph a mom in one of these gorgeous mustard yellow dresses.
So, if you know someone expecting, please send them my way to chat about a session…..I LOVE maternity sessions and all of these dresses and available only to my moms to use!

Buffalo Maternity Photographer Dress Collection

This sweet little lady below, I photographed her mom’s maternity session, I photographed her in-home newborn session, we met at the beach this summer for a family session…..and somehow it was already time for her 1st birthday session!!


And…..this is quite possibly the absolute sweetest “outtake” I’ve ever snuck in from a session.
The very end of the session, after being tired out from outfit changes, warm temps, and a brief cupcake smashing…..someone was just ready to put her head down on dad’s shoulder and go home.

first birthday photo session buffalo, ny

I mentioned above that I no longer offer the posed/studio newborn sessions.
What I will offer is a more natural newborn session.
Be it outdoors in a field of flowers in the hot summer months, or in the comfort of your own home.
There are no props or stressing about baby going to sleep so we can pose them….it’s just about capturing your first days at home, cuddled on the couch, the beautiful nursery, and all while keeping that “dreamy” touch to my photos that I just adore.
And fun fact, if you read last month’s post and saw the magical maternity session of the mom at the fair…..this is her little lady!!


Last month I also posted the “Wagon Sessions” …..a themed child session perfect for boys or girls that had a fun rustic fall look.
Well, the sessions have begun and so far are so perfect!

I also did something this month that I’ve never done before
……I announced Holiday Sessions.


Listen, I’m not one to rush the holiday season…..I love to enjoy each of the upcoming holidays to their full extent before moving onto the next one.
But since so many of my families have asked for info so they can plan outfits, or have them earlier to help get cards or presents ordered, and because I’m holding these outdoors…..I decided we might as well get rolling on the planning of these. Holiday Sessions are my biggest event of the year and also what pretty much signals the end of the busy season for me.
There are still a few spots left if you would like to sign up

I will also say that my schedule is jam-packed until mid-November and usually recommend the first week of December as my cutoff for those wanting sessions to be used for holiday presents (so I have time to edit and you to order).
Thanks for taking the time to check out the review of all that happened in September! I can’t wait for next month’s post which will surely be filled with those rich reds and oranges of autumn.
- Kellie

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