"Collect Moments" - Emotional Black & White Images from Buffalo & WNY Family Photo Sessions

"Collect moments, not things." When I first read this quote a while ago it kinda made me stop in my tracks. What an incredible power that photos possess. A couple of weeks ago my fb newsfeed was filled with photos of my friend's beds stacked with clothes that no longer brought them joy. I even think to my own collection of purses I excitedly bought back in my pre-child era.....it's been years since I used some of them and really don't bring me any joy....

But photos....photos are the complete opposite. I can walk up and down my stairs 15x a day and view the same 7 images on the wall and still never get sick of looking at them. In fact, over the years they actually bring more joy as I reminisce and stand there staring and wondering how time can go by so fast. I can look at a photo and instantly remember how the day felt - was it windy or warm, the sound of laughter, how my left hip has given thousands of rides to my little people over the years just as it was in the photo.

I love what I do because I love knowing what I give to people. I give them their moments, their memories, their smiles and laughs and snuggles to enjoy forever.

I share black & white photos as often on my social media or website…..but man do I love them.
I'm "known" I guess for my colorful outdoor images, but nothing can put emphasis on a moment like a black & white photo.

My typical family photo sessions have about 40+ because I love to included everything….not just the grand scenic “this one’s going on the wall” shots….but all of these little moments. I try to approach family sessions with a cinematic approach. All of these little moments help to tell your family’s story.

If you are located in the Buffalo & Western New York area and would like to learn more about a family photo session with Belle Idee Photography, please CONTACT ME and we can begin discussing the fun process and create beautiful images like the ones above for your own family.

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