WNY Family Photo Session - How These Magic Moments Happen

As winter fades…..slowly, oh so slowy fades….it’s time to start planning and looking forward to those fun and playful family photo sessions.

I myself am located in Southern Erie County, but I literally have traveled all over the Buffalo & Western New York area for all types of photo sessions. Many people will ask for suggestions on which parks or locations to use, but every once in a while I have a family invite me to their home to use their own special land….and I just love it!

Now, there are so many beautiful parks and locations in the Buffalo, NY area…. but just something about going to someone’s home for their photo session is really exciting for me.
Maybe it’s because I get new material to work with.
Maybe it’s because your home has meaning to you which makes the photos more special.
Or maybe it’s because you just feel the most comfortable and relaxed when you’re in your own space.

Many people will contact me and say that they’ve never had a custom family photo session before and don’t know where to start or what to expect.
Just like any other business or industry, every photographer has their own style.
Some photographers love the very posed “say cheese” traditional style.
Some photographers will the bring additional lighting equipment for technically sharp and vivid images.
Some photographers keep a very photojournalistic approach and don’t do a thing to intervene.

My style is this…..
Dreamy lighting and beautiful locations make my heart sing,
And real moments warm my soul.
Laughs, hugs, tickles, spinning, kissing….the little moments that bring joy to a family.

So, here’s an idea of what to expect when you have a family photo session with Belle Idee Photography.

I typically start my session with that classic “Look and smile” photo….and honestly, once those two minutes are over, it’s all about having fun.

I’m a mom of 3 boys, so I completely understand the worries of “will they be good for the session?”, “They didn’t take their usual 2 hour nap today is that going to screw things up”, etc.
A lot goes into planning a session and I get that…..but I can’t stress this enough that this is nothing more than an hour of having fun with your family and that’s how I hope you approach it.

And when I say all you need to worry about is enjoying your time together, I really mean that!
I will scout out the location and determine which spot will look the most appealing in photos,
where is the light most flattering, etc.
And you’re not just on you own standing in front of the camera wondering what to do.
I generally “set up the situation” by letting you know little things like where to stand, which hip to hold the baby on, etc. that affect the technical side of things, but then I just give you a little direction about how to interact and whatever happens from there happens!

Whether you’re a family looking to setup your next photo session or a photographer wondering how I handle my sessions…..there’s no big secret or magic to this.
The love and joy between a family does not happen because of me.
I don’t tell these little babies to lovingly gaze at their parent….it happens naturally because of the bond that family has. I just happen to be there experiencing the joy and love with them.

Those warm days will soon be here, and the busy season of photo sessions will soon begin.
I cannot wait to share my mornings and evenings with you all and document your family and the love and laughter between you.
If you have any questions at all about a custom family photo session please do not hesitate to ask!
I absolutely love what I get to do and I would love to help you through every step of the process so you too can have beautiful images of your family.