Mother's Day - Your Love & Words in Photo - Buffalo, NY Mom & Child Photographer

The power of a photo never ceases to amaze me and the power it has to evoke emotion.
Mom & child photos are the heart and soul of what I do and capturing the love and snuggles between them is the best.

I asked the moms that have had a photo session with me to choose their favorite image that I have photographed and to share their thoughts - what that photo means to them.
So, enjoy just a few of the many many mom & child photos I have taken over the years.
And I hope all of you moms reading this have a wonderful & much-deserved day of recognition.

derby, ny photographer

This image will always resonate as one of my absolute favorites! It instills what it means to me as a mother of three boys! It’s utterly chaotic, playful, and endearing. Embracing the chaos and finding magic amongst the madness has been my motto since last year. It’s allowed me to enjoy the moments that would normally send me spinning. A mess made by the youngest shows his independence. A table “set” by my oldest shows his love and care to help me. Ohhh and that wild middle child of mine lol always having to silently chuckle before I have to scold him. The photos you have always captured of me and my boys always warm my soul and give me a view I don’t normally get to see while in the middle of the chaos lol. Looking forward to future sessions! Happy Mother’s Day my fellow boy momma! 

WNY Pregnancy Photo Session

This picture was taken almost a year ago to the day and is my everything! My husband wanted nothing more than for me to get maternity pictures taken, so I decided to surprise him knowing this was our last baby.  I was completely against it, because although I think pregnant woman are absolutely beautiful, I never felt that way…until you took my picture.  I never felt more beautiful as I looked through my gallery, but this picture especially stole my heart.  It not only shows a mom waiting in anticipation to see what this (not so) little baby growing inside of her was, but it also shows two sisters full of so much love for a baby they had yet to meet.  June 13, 2018, we welcomed a chubby, 9 pound baby BOY into our lives, and his sisters still look at him the way they did in this picture…and he definitely stole his mama’s heart!  My friends with both boys and girls would tell me how they hoped so much this baby would be a boy so I could experience the love between a mother and son.  I often laughed because I loved my girls so much, I couldn’t fathom how love between a mother and son could be different… then I had my Luke and I understood it completely! He completed our “happily ever after” and my heart. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mamas out there!

WNY photographer for families

Pure joy. I never imagined loving a photo so much. Just captured the moment with my boys and the smiles on our faces show it all! Happy Mother’s Day!!! ♥️

Beach Photo Sessions in Buffalo, NY

So technically, this isn’t a mother and child shot...but I love this photo because I’m from Florida and the ocean was a huge part of my childhood, and one reason I’m happy living in Buffalo now is because the lakes here mean that water is still a big part of my life. (In fact, most of my friends and family thought this photo was taken in Florida—boy were they surprised!) During my pregnancy last summer, my husband and I went sailing in Lake Erie every week, and now we can’t wait to get our little one out on the water (and in the water for some photos with you!)

Springville, NY Baby Photographer

I was so unsure about getting maternity pictures and usually hate every picture I take. But this photo you made me sooo glad I have these memories, you made me feel so pretty and excited about embracing pregnancy! Thank you again for this picture! Happy Mother’s Day to you! 


I definitely wanted to share this photo for the mother’s day post because I didn’t want to be included in his first year photos, but as the session was ending, you caught this moment between us, and it turned out to be my favorite photo. It was a very real and tender moment that showed just how much I loved that cute little face. So most of all, I want to thank you for seeing this and capturing it for us. 

Jamestown, NY Maternity Photographer

"I never knew how much I loved your daddy, until I saw him love you." Even while still pregnant, I knew my husband would be great as a father to our daughter and we would grow even stronger as a couple when she was born. This favorite image of ours shows this sentiment exactly and also just how safe I felt and still feel in his arms.  Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for the captured memories Kellie!

East Aurora family photographer

Thanks to all the moms that have sat in a field, played in the snow, or waded through the water with their little ones for me. I hope the images I have created for you warm your heart for years to come.

And I hope every single mother out there has a fantastic day filled with love and appreciation.

If you’ve had a session with me and would like to join this blog of amazing moms, just send me an email with your words and favorite photo :)

Happy Mother’s Day