A Peak at an In-Home, No-Posing, Just Love & Snuggles Newborn Session - Buffalo Newborn Photographer

About two years ago I made the decision that I wanted my family newborn sessions to focus more on natural moments and snuggles than lots of “say cheese” in front of a solid color backdrop. My photography, my style, my images and everything else is so full of color and “real” moments, so it only made sense to incorporate that into my newborn sessions as well.


So, how does an in-home newborn session work you might ask?
One of the biggest concerns I get from families is always along the lines of, “Our home isn’t photo-worthy”, “We’re in the middle of remodeling and it’s kind of a mess”, “I don’t know if the lighting is good”, etc.

Do. not. worry. people!
I’ve experienced life with a newborn 3 times….I know how it is. I do not expect you to wash the dishes or vacuum the curtains just for my arrival.
Most sessions can take place just near a window (as you’ll see in this blog post), in the baby’s nursery, sitting in a rocking chair, or snuggling in the master bedroom. This isn’t a session that will be photographing every inch and corner of your whole entire home.


And when I say, “no posing”…..that doesn’t mean I’m leaving you out there on your own figuring out what to do for the camera. I’m constantly thinking about the lighting, the best way for baby to be held, what feeling I want to have the photo emote….so, I will give you a “starting point” and some direction as to what you can be doing, but then whatever happens happens.
If you’re so smitten with that sweet little baby face that you want to smooch it, smooch it!
When I say, “no posing” that just means I’m not making sure every little hair is perfect and making you stare at my camera and say cheese for 4.5 continuous minutes.

orchard park, ny newborn

One of the other most common questions I am asked is, “what should we wear?”
I will gladly you help you with this process with some “rules & tips,”
Or I have a fashion stylist on the Belle Idee Photography team that can pull together amazing outfit options for you to choose from.
Also, this mom and her little lady are both wearing items from my exclusive client closet, baby is in one of my cozy fabric wraps, and did just had to grab one of his favorite neutral colored shirts from his closet.

Another motivating factor for me and switching to this natural/no-pose newborn session is because, again, I’ve had three newborns…..I was exhausted and felt blah….sitting in a photo studio for 3 hours would have been the last thing I wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, the studio work is adorable and there are some talented photographers in our area that do a great job at it….it’s just not for me, and not something I would have wanted to do as a new mom. So, I love these in-home sessions because they only take about an hour and you get to stay comfortable in your own space.

Fredonia, NY Newborn Photo Session

And for those still wanting something special for just baby, I do also offer the option of one baby-only setup

Best Newborn Photographer in WNY

If you have any questions about an in-home newborn session, just let me know!
I have traveled all over the Buffalo & Western New York area for these sessions (in fact, I made an hour trip to Youngstown for this one!)

Thanks so much for taking the time to check out this In-Home Newborn Photo Session.
Enjoy the slideshow below with some more from this session and if you have any questions or would like to setup your own session with me, just click below to get in touch!

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