June: Highlights from Family, Maternity, & Child Photo Session by Belle Idee Photography - Buffalo, NY Photographer

So…..I’m not sure where June went. It rained, it was chilly, but there were also beautiful days and sunsets and moments. So, incase you missed anything on my social media pages, here’s a roundup of all the gorgeous & adorable photos I shared from my sessions.

Happy 1st Birthday

This first birthday session was for an adorable little lady and we started a couple traditions that we hope to carry on in the future #1 - Session was on her birthday #2 - One giant ballon for a prop….on her second birthday we will use two balloons, and so on. And #3, including a sweet mom & daughter moment.
So cute, so happy, and I just loved this sweet springy vintage vibe.

Layla Sessions

Buffalo, NY Horse and Child Photographer

I announced this mini-session, that not only has a beautiful and dreamy look, but is going to a great cause as well!

 Layla is purebred Arabian horse in her 20s and was rescued by a wonderful organization called Happy Tails.
Had they not rescued her from auction her fate would have been that of many of the other horses from that auction house that end up on trailers headed for Canada or Mexico for slaughter.
Layla was luckily saved and used as a kids lesson horse in summer camp programs. Happy Tails determined it was time for her to find a nice retirement home so they could free up her space and save other horses.
This is where our paths crossed. My sister loves horses (we “joke” she loves them more than humans)…..and Layla became the lucky 5th horse to join the farm and would be so dearly loved and cared for.
When I heard this story about Layla and about the amazing things Happy Tails does, I knew this would be the perfect way to offer beautiful photos and do a good thing at the same time.
So, $50 from each session and 50% of all print & product sales will be donated to the rescue that saved Layla, and hopefully can be used to save many more horses.

Update to the client closet - these beautiful dresses are exclusive to my Belle Idee moms for use during their session. Maternity or Non-Maternity, these dresses are so beautiful and hopefully can make your session planning process that much easier. (More dresses are on the way so check back next month for more!)

buffalo, ny maternity photographer


Even with cooler than average temperatures…..June was a busy month for mermaids, and I absolutely love it. I usually recommend scheduling these unique mermaid photo sessions between June - September so the air and Lake Erie waters are warmer and more pleasant. These sessions take place about 30 minutes south of Buffalo. Schedule a session for your little mermaid, or make it a Mermommy & Me session!

Mermaid Photographer in Buffalo, NY
WNY mermaid photo sessions
Buffalo, NY Mermaid Photo Sessions

Sail Away Sessions

These nautical themed mini sessions were perfect for the little ones from about 6 months to 2 years old.
What I love about mini sessions is that one look/theme could be so unique and different just based on the colors, outfits, or “vibe” we’re going for. Check out these adorable little ones that hopped in the boat for some cute cute cute photos.

East Aurora Child Photographer
Hamburg, NY Baby Photographer
Springville, NY Child Photographer
Fredonia, NY Baby Photographer


Social media has changed soooo much since I first started this business in 2013. So many changes to algorithms and posts being seen (or, actually, not seen)…..as a business owner it’s frustrating to have posts held back because FB or Insta want businesses to pay to be seen higher and more often in newsfeeds. It’s also annoying as a fan because I myself follow a lot of businesses and pages and often miss special posts and sales because of this. So, the fact that I hit 4,000 followers this month was exciting to see that even in these tough days of social media there are so many of you that are taking the time to follow my page and like my work. So, thank you :) And if you’re not following me on….here’s where you can….

The Bridge Family

For the past 5 years I have had the honor of continuing an amazing tradition for a friend of mine.
It started out with just a beautiful maternity photo, with absolutely no intentions of carrying it on….but once we started and realized how incredible this way of documenting their family was, we of course made sure to keep it up with every major event and family photo session.

Family Photo Tradition by Buffalo, NY Photographer

I once saw someone leave a simple comment that read….
……and I have to agree.

I have a lot of favorite locations to use in the Buffalo & WNY area for my photo sessions. From parks to beaches to fields….but when a family asks if I’d be willing to come to them and use a private property location I’m always so excited! I love having new material to work with…..but, I had no idea how beautiful of a location this place would be!

WNY Family Photographer
east aurora, ny family photographer

And not only was the scenery stunning, but this family was fun and amazing to work with.
Kicking off your shoes, playing in water, and not being upset that the little guy was soaked by the end helps to create a fun and laid-back atmosphere where the happy and sweet moments can happen.
Check out some more of the beautiful images captured during this session.

When a family arrives to a session looking like this and mention words such as “fairytale” and “whimsical”….I’m like, “hello, nice to meet you, you’ve come to the right lady”

I limit the number of photo sessions I take per month because I want to have wiggle room in my schedule in case of weather issues and needing to reschedule. My sessions are almost always outdoors and in the beauty of mother nature and what my work revolves around. And as many of us in WNY know, she has a been a little fussy this year. Well, this session we decided to give it a chance based on the forecast and knowing we might be getting close to her due date…..well, it started raining about three minutes in to the session. We decided to stay and tough it out and the drama of the skies, wind, and waves crashing made for a unique look.

I spent an evening in the woods at Chestnut Ridge….and few things feel more whimsical and magical to me than a forest with little beams of light shining through.

Orchard Park Child Photographer

This little guy celebrated his 2nd birthday…..I’ve photographed him since he was born (and his other two brothers for almost just as long).

Evans, NY Photographer

Sigh….if I say it once I’ll say it a hundred more times….I love family sessions and I love when that family session is a returning family that already understands my “don’t look at me and say cheese and just interact and have fun with each other” mantra. It was literally down pouring about 10 minutes before this session began….and then the skies parted and the post perfect light shined down upon us.

Best family photographer in Buffalo, NY
best family photographer in hamburg, ny
Western New York Family Photographer

If you haven’t figured out by now….I love maternity sessions….and what I might love even more than that is beach photo sessions….so, when those two things are combined, it’s just the perfect match.

Buffalo, NY celebrity photographer

My words cannot describe how much I love this image.
I have photographed this little lady since she was three weeks old (ok, even before that because I did mom’s maternity session)….so having these ladies, in these beautiful traditional dresses, in a peaceful and serene setting provided by Mother Nature….it just couldn’t get much more perfect.

Buffalo, NY Native American Photo Session

Ok, we had another first birthday session….ON his actual birthday once again. I think a photo session with me and indulging in cupcakes at 9:00 a.m. is really the best way to start your birthday.

It always warms my heart when I get a, “We’re coming back into town and need to setup an appointment!” ….this time was a total summer vibe in at a great location in Orchard Park, NY (and our last session was a fantastic winter session that I will also add below)….I think we need to capture all of these great Western New York seasons for her.

Orchard Park, NY Celebrity CHild Photographer
Buffalo NY Winter Photo Session

"The photos are absolutely gorgeous! You definitely took my 'family photo' anxiety away. Getting 6 humans out the door and presentable for pics doesn’t seem scary anymore, I’m looking forward to our next family photo sesh with you 😊 "

Family Beach Photo Session in Western New York

Literally the biggest compliment. I say it over and over again on here but maybe take it from this mom of 4....my family sessions are not about getting the perfect "stand like this" pose & biggest cheese smile in 17 different varieties. It's about letting a family have fun and enjoy their time together....just get yourselves out the door and I'll take care of the rest 😊

It was a busy month full of wonderful people and beautiful moments.
July is so booked up so I’m not sure if I will be offering any special “themed” sessions….but, there are always plans brewing in my mind for something fun and unique to offer.
Feel free to leave me a comment below with which photo from the month was your favorite.
Or, ask any questions! Or drop me some ideas of what you would like to see shared here or on my social media pages.
Thanks for taking a moment to check out these photo sessions from June.