July: Beach, beach, and more beach! Buffalo NY Family & Maternity Photographer

No previous summer has come close to having as many beach photo sessions scheduled as this one has. And I couldn’t be happier about that!
From family photo sessions, to my magical mermaids, to goddess-like mom-to-be’s, July was an amazing month.

If you’ve followed my work for even a month you probably know by now that I’m the self-proclaimed Queen of the Beach. Say what you want but Lake Erie at sunset is gorgeous and I love to spend my evenings here for photo sessions. And when I have a gorgeous pregnant mom to photograph it makes it even more amazing.
The colors of the sky, water, and dress were just so tropical and perfect together that evening.
This dress is one of the dresses in my client closet that is exclusive to my Belle Idee moms.

Best Maternity Photographer in Buffalo, NY

Happy 4th of July!!


I can’t say enough how much it warms my heart when a returning family contacts me to setup another session. It’s such an honor knowing that you are trusting me to capture your family’s memories and moments year after year.
I got to spend an evening with this family at their home, and by now they totally understand my “don’t say cheese and just have fun together” photo philosophy.
My family sessions this year have been receiving 70+ final edited images……so, this is literally just a small sample of some of the photos from this family session.

Holland, NY Family Photographer

Also, for the second year in a row, they added on a family film to their session.

As I said at the start of today’s blog post, this has absolutely been the summer of the beach!
One thing I love about the beach is that every night can have a totally different feel and color palette than the previous night. Clouds vs. no clouds vs. some clouds can totally change the colors of the sky (and therefore the color of the water reflecting it), and it can affect how warm or harsh or soft the lighting is.
The other thing that I love to see is how calm or wild the water is.
A windy evening can create ocean-like waves that kids love to play in, while a night with no wind the lake can be calm and smooth as glass which can make it much easier to wade out.
Enjoy some of these photos from family sessions in July.

This month we also had the Layla Sessions.
Layla is a beautiful purebred Arabian horse that was rescued from auction by a local horse rescue farm.
After staying at the rescue farm and providing riding lessons to children, she was adopted (by my sister) and the idea for these sessions came about. A portion of every session fee and product sales is being donated to the Happy Tails rescue that saved Layla, in the hopes they will be able to save more beautiful horses like her.

Another returning family that always makes it part of their visit back to the area to setup a session with me.
It’s funny how at the end of a session with a first-time family they will often comment something along the lines of, “that was so easy!” and it’s the best compliment ever!
To me it’s hard to sit and pose and say cheese….my sessions are just about being yourselves and hugging and adoring your people and having fun and let me take care of the rest.

So often I hear, “You must have so many photos of your children!” to which I reply by asking if they’ve ever heard the expression that the shoemakers children have no shoes.
So many photos on the walls in my home have winter scenes….yes, I enjoy winter, but it’s not because of that….it’s because winter is my “slow season” and when I actually have a chance to get out the camera and play around haha!
I’m really really trying to take more time to document my own little people. So, one evening when there was no photo session, and we had just gotten home from a sports game, the sky was amazing and the kids wanted ice cream…..so why not eat ice cream in the field, and throw on a cute outfit and catch one of those moments.


Thanks for checking out this recap of all the wonderful photo sessions that happened in July. From family sessions, to mermaids, to maternity photo….it was another amazing month.
Come back soon to see what was created in August.