August: Summer in Buffalo means Beach, Fair, and Farm Photo Sessions

August…the month that seems to go by in the blink of an eye. When you have those first “hot” days in June you feel like you have forever for all of your big outdoor summer plans…..and then suddenly it’s the end of August….the fair has come and gone, the evenings start to have a little chill in the air, and “back to school” is the key phrase.

But before we completely say goodbye to summer and prepare for those beautiful WNY autumn leaves, let’s reminisce on all of the fun had and beautiful moments created during the family, child, and maternity photo sessions from August.

This beach maternity sessions was absolute perfection.
I love the mix in looks between the field of tall grass and the dramatic sunset skies.
Clothing assistance was provided by my stylist girl (yes, if you have a session you can have assistance in planning the perfect outfits!)
Also…..just realized this session was in July but I posted these to my social media in August….and I’m sure right now you’re either thinking A.) Not a big deal that you put this in the wrong month blog or B.) How dare you
…..I’m going to hope you circled choice A

Maternity Session in a field of Wildflowers

Because when you can’t decide on which dress to wear, you wear all 3 and rock them like the glowing pregnancy goddess you are.


2019 has been the “summer of the beach” ….several nights a week I would meet with my wonderful families and pinch myself that being at the beach at sunset is my “office.”
You never know what you’re going to get from one night to the next when it comes to the beach.
The water might be as smooth as glass, or it can be as wild as the ocean with waves crashing up onto the sand. The sky might be completely cloud-free with a spectacular orange to blue ombre vibe….or it could be filled with clouds to give a dramatic look….or it could just be hazy and give a soft pinky-gray background. But this variety is part of the appeal of the beach to me. I never know what I’m going to get but yet somehow it’s always perfect.

Photographers in Orchard Park, NY

Fun fact: This little guy in the photos below was a newborn I photographed during my first week of business…..time needs to slow down!

This session was a first for me! Three little dancing pro friends got together for a beach session to have some fun, share some laughs, and show off their favorite dance moves.

I’ll admit, I love to meet new families and every year I seem to have even more wonderful people stepping infront of my camera. But, it’s really awesome when returning families schedule their annual session. They already know that they can just play and have fun and not feel the need to stare at me saying “cheeeese” the whole time. They know that they can just be themselves and enjoy their time together and I’ll take care of the rest.

And I wasn’t over exaggerating when I said this is the summer of the beach….here are even more stunning images from a family session on the beaches of Lake Erie…..and people, we may be just a hop, skip, and a jump from Buffalo, but the lake at sunset can feel like a tropical destination.

“Sail Away” Sessions were first announced back in May and the requests for this adorable little look keep coming. I always love when I can take a “look” and give it a twist and new vibe from just a small little change. I initially announced these with my little guy in beige overalls with a neutral blue and beige beach palette (check out the MAY blog post), I had a little lady come in Moana look which was absolutely adorable, and now we went for a completely different look in a little creek that was sentimental to mom.

WNY Baby Photo Session


This field of beautiful purple flowers typically grow and look spectacular from about the end of July until mid/end of August depending on the weather. The first session I have had here was for my best friend shortly after her first daughter was born….it become one of my “all-star” images that so many people would comment on and request….and this year not only did we get a perfect “then-and-now” photo, but I also made these sessions available for my clients because I mean, what an incredible scenery for photos.

Best Family Photographer in Orchard Park, NY

For 2020 I’m starting something new where I offer a limited quantity of specialty sessions (such as this, mermaids, etc.). Because the flowers only grow for a short period of time and because I limit what I will schedule per month, I will offer 6 spots and once you claim your spot you get to choose the date that works best for you during those few weeks. Be on the lookout around Black Friday as I will probably have a "special offer” for these specialty sessions.
But here are a few more beautiful moments in the flowers….

And if you’d like to see that purple flower up close…’s a photo I took of one of these little beauties right out in the field! It was probably just a touch after the sun had went down, taken with a very basic macro lens….it looks like a sea creature floating in deep waters and I’m obsessed. This will be available so soon to order as a print, card, etc. in my SHOP


This now brings us to what turned into one of my top “favorited/liked” images ever on social media and a highly requested session for next year.
A friend of mine contacted me to setup her maternity sessions and basically said they wanted something fun and different.
I thought to myself, what screams fun and summertime and something I’ve never done before…..I offered like 2-3 suggestions and this was the winner and hallelujah they trusted me when I said….let’s meet at the Erie County Fair.

Best Maternity Photographer in Buffalo, NY

Fun fact…..I loathe crowds and busy places. I’m so so so happy staying in my fields and forest….but until I get a carousel in my own yard I will have to continue pushing down that anxiety and heading to the fair because this is far too gorgeous and fun to stay home! The absolute best compliment I received was, “This looks like something in Paris!”….If I can make the Erie County Fair look like Paris, then I will just stop and retire today because where do you go from there hahaha!
If you love this than you neeeeed to watch for session signups next year because this will be very limited in availability and I already have people telling me they are already planning on it!


One of my top asked questions is always “Do you have any session themes for boys?”…..and as a mom of three boys I can tell you that I’m constantly trying to think of creative and cute ideas for them.
So, I came up with this rustic feels-like-fall theme that would be perfect for boys or girls!
Check out my Limited Session offers to see if any of these are still available.

WNY Child Photographer

And speaking of perfect themes for boys….I have photographed this little man since he was a newborn, and when mom said he loves anything farm or tractors I knew exactly what to do!
(and that tractor…..omg, how can I not offer tractor sessions next year?!)

Ellicottville, NY Child Photographer

Thanks for taking the time to check out all the amazing sessions that were held during August. I truly cannot believe summer has come and gone so fast.
September can still have some warm days here and there….a beach session or two might be possible….but I’m getting myself in the mindset that next month’s review on the blog will surely start the switch from pastel skies and maxi dresses to the rich warm tones of autumns and sweaters.
Ohhhh Buffalo, I love your changing seasons…’s so hard to say goodbye to warm evenings but the colorful fall landscape makes things a little easier.

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