I love to teach.
I love to help.
I love to genuinely cheer and support other creatives.

Below you will find more information on my mentoring opportunities -
1:1 & 1:2 All-Day Mentoring

I will say right from the start that I will gladly teach you everything you want to know to the best of my ability.
However, the mentors in my life that helped me grow the most were those that challenged me to think for myself.
To review what previously happened….and not only to think of what I could have fixed or changed, but more importantly, to also recognize the positives and the growth and feel more confident in my ability.
I sincerely want to see those that come to me succeed in their creative journey.
I will show you anything you want to know. Answer any question. Give every tip and trick up my sleeve.
But when you leave this mentoring, you are the most valuable tool in your toolbox.
I won’t be there in your ear during your sessions once you return home, so helping you be the best you is what’s most important to me.
Not to give you some cookie cutter to-do list and send you on your way.


1:1 Mentoring

I am located in Western New York, approximately 30 minutes south of Buffalo, NY.
I specialize in Family, Children, and Maternity photo sessions and which area/s we focus on is completely up to you and your needs.
After you contact me I will provide you with more information on what you can expect during our complete day together.
We will review your portfolio, discuss your hopes and needs, chat about business strategies,
website design, SEO, business collaborations, and more!
….And, I’d love to take some professional headshots for you as well!
We will also have 2 photo sessions together that I will arrange based on your area of interest.
I will photograph the first session and will completely talk my way through the whole thing.
Why I’m choosing the placement in the location, how I work with lighting, my thought process for the posing, why I’m doing what I’m doing with my families, why I’m saying the verbal prompts and what I hope to evoke from the families….and more.
The next session you will be photographing and I will jump in with thoughts and suggestions along the way.
(and, I’ll get some behind-the-scenes shots for your to use on your own website!)
After we wrap up the sessions we will review the images - chat about what worked, what didn’t, and what we would do for the next time.
This is the BIGGEST part of my mentoring that I’m passionate about.
I think this self evaluation is so important in growing.
We will go through editing a few images from the session and wrap up any questions you might have.
After our day together you will be in a private Facebook group where you will always be able to ask any questions. Share images for input, suggestions, or just brag about how awesome you are :)
If you have any other questions about the process I would be happy to answer them.
Or, if you’re ready to start the process, let me know and we’ll get this going!
1:1 Mentoring - $900
1:2 Mentoring - $750 each

If you would like to experience the day of mentoring with a friend the total cost for the day will be 1500 that the two of you may split.
To setup a 1:1 or 1:2 mentoring a $500 non-refundable retainer and contract is due at the time of scheduling.
A payment plan may be set up for the remainder, but the full amount must be paid within 48 hours of the mentoring session date.

Basic Camera Lesson

A few times a year I offer group beginner camera classes for those wanting to learn the basics of their camera and shooting in manual.
You can watch for those dates HERE
If you would like to setup a private lesson they are $250 for 2 hours.
This is NOT for those with a photography business.
This is perfect for a hobbyist just wanting to know more about their camera.
How to take nice photos of their flowers, or wildlife, or teenager’s basketball games.
We can meet at my studio, a coffeeshop, a park, your home…..this is up to you and your photography needs.

Additional info

Does my level of skill affect my ability to be mentored.
I do not have a specific requirement with this to setup a mentoring session.
I will say that it will be more beneficial if you have some experience with your photography skills and at least knowledge of shooting in manual mode.
(and at least basic knowledge of photoshop will also be helpful)
If you don’t think you are at the level of 1:1 mentoring yet we could have an online mentoring session to portfolio review, discuss your business questions, and then plan a 1:1 in the future.

What gear do I need to own or bring.
One thing you will learn about me is that I’m very laid-back and finding a way to “make things happen” is part of my creative motto.
I literally shoot almost the entire focal length spectrum….24mm right up to 135mm.
Whichever lens I choose may depend on my mood, the goal for the look/feel of the session, or honestly….sometimes I have a favorite that just won’t leave my camera for a month.
And as I said before….I’m here to help, but I’m not here to make you a mini-me….so obviously do not run out and buy a lens for my sake.
Bring what you have and what you love to use because when you go home these are the tools in your toolbox.

I currently teach workshops/mentor, am I eligible to attend.
At this time I will not setup a mentoring date with someone who either currently teaches/mentors portrait photography or plans to within the next 12 months.