Orchard Park Family Photographer


My family sessions will be completely different from what you've experienced before. I don't do poses or make everyone look at me and smile. There are many photographers in the buffalo, ny area so i strongly encourage people to choose one based on what they specialize in, I specialize in moments, not poses. 

hugs, laughter, & just families being in the moment and enjoying each other.

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The beauty of mother nature is one of the foundations of my images. And what better way to celebrate that than with the powerful and stunning image of a pregnant woman in a breath-taking setting. My maternity sessions focus on create intimate & Ethereal images of a mom-to-be so she can always remember and admire this amazing time in her life.



From the bottom of my heart, I adore the carefree & innocent soul of children. As a mom I want to be able to look back on an image of my child years from now and have that image instantly remind me of the person they were. As I've said before, i NEVER tell a child to sit and say cheese.

If they are silly and wild, I will run around with them.

if they are quiet or curious I will stand back while they explore.

if they have a pretty dress on and just want to spin....spin away little one!

Mermaid Photo Sessions in Buffalo & WNY


When you use the word "magical" as a description for your business, how can you not be considered the best mermaid photographer in buffalo & WNY

These sessions are offered June-September and take place on the beach of lake erie at either 7:30 A.m. or 8 P.m.

Tails & a magical experience provided



My newborn sessions are completely different than what you may be used to seeing offered. The images I create are meant to show the connection between a beautiful new mom and her precious little baby. I don't do props or cutesy poses .
My "Mother's Love" studio sessions are offered year round
Or, in warmer months I offer outdoor newborn sessions that focus on the entire family and natural interactions.