Client closet

My clients have the exclusive access to use the dresses from my collection at no additional charge.
I want to help make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you.
I try to carry a range of sizes but also keep in mind that many of these dresses are made with very stretchy, high quality fabric, and can actually fit a size above and below what it’s listed as.
Also, if you love a dress but are worried it might be too big…..we can easily pin fabric behind you since chances are that you won’t be running and spinning in these dresses.
(The dresses in these images range from small to XL and were just all pinned back so they would fit on the mannequin.)
Basically, let me know what you love and we will make it work.
If you believe you will need a size that I don’t offer, just let me know and I will arrange to have something beautiful added to my collection.
** Summer colors will be added sometime during the spring, but come back often to see what’s new because something is always being added!**

The following dresses/looks are also available.


How She Wore It

See a dress you love but not sure about the color? I make no guarantees, but depending on the original color of the dress I may be able to work some editing magic.


Dress buyback program

Interested in ordering a custom dress of your own? The company that I get the majority of my dresses from has several styles to choose from and 40 colors for each.
Completely customize it from the size of the dress, bust size, and additional add-ons like extended train.
If you choose to order a dress of your own and wonder “When will I ever wear this again?” ….I can help.
Order a dress, show me your receipt with the price paid, and I will give you that in gallery credit to put towards ordering anything from prints to canvases and more.
And for an extra bonus….if you use the link below to shop and signup from this company, because I’m an affiliate photographer you will receive 15% off your order!

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Sew Trendy

Colbie in Tiffany Blue was my choice when I did my own maternity photos :)