family collections


Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Family Photo Session.
My sessions may be different from what you’ve experienced in the past from other photographers.
Every artist has their own style and philosphy.
I’m a believer in honest, loving, fun, natural moments.
While I do give you direction, “set up” a situation/pose, look for the best lighting, etc. I do not want, expect, or ask you to look at me and force a “cheese” smile.
As I begin my seventh year of business, I am proud to say that I have found ways to get the most natural and perfect moments from my families….and the best compliment is at the end of every session when the family says, “that was so easy and fun”
I do not want my session to be 90 minutes of posing, forcing the kids to sit and smile (you know, that forced smiled where they yell cheese through their teeth and strain), and stress.
I tell every family to come to their session with the only expectation of having a fun time at the park, beach, flower fields, etc. and just let me do the rest.
If you love the images you’ve seen on my website, then you’ve come to the right place.

Since my family sessions are about the moments, I edit every image from your session that I love, nothing gets left out.
So, your only decision with your session is how you plan on displaying and cherishing those moments.



If you have any questions on the collections and what is included, please do not hesitate to ask.
If you’re ready to schedule your session just get in touch so we can begin the fun planning process.