Photo Locations in Buffalo & WNY

The question of, "Where should I go for my photo session?" is one that I hear quite often.
Sometimes people will have an idea for a location, sometimes they want me
to come to their home, and sometimes they know what kind of "look" they want
but aren't sure where to go to get it.

I've created this page to share some of my favorite locations for photo sessions in the Buffalo & Western New York area. Just click on each to see more stunning views each location has to offer.


pregnancy photographer in buffalo, ny

Wild Blossom Hollow Flower Farm forestville, NY 

There's always a field of wild flowers and a lush green area available for use!  Depending on the time of year there are also speciality flowers available for use based on the time of the year (but we make no guarantees because mother nature is the boss on this one!) these would include roses, tulips, dahlias, peonies, sunflowers, and more!


Chestnut Ridge
Orchard Park, NY

If you want a wide variety in looks - from enchanting woods, to open fields of tall grass and wildflowers, to rustic barns & fences, then this is the location for you! 

Lake Erie Beach in Western New York Photo Session

Lake Erie Beaches
Hamburg, Angola, Derby

Give me a beach at sunset everyday of the week and it still wouldn't be enough for me!
I love beach photo sessions!
The  colors of the sky and water are always spectacular.

maternity photographer in Holland, NY

Amherst, NY Parks

Another one of my favorite locations for any type of photo session.
A small park with a rustic bridge, apple trees, and beautiful fields.