Session FAQs & Tips

Below are some quick thoughts, tips, and answers to my FAQs.
Maybe someday I'll organize these, but for now, here's just a good 'ol bullet point list in no particular order

*Many people come to me because they love the natural interactions in my photos. This happens because I have people just naturally interact with each during the session!
I know we have it in our mind that when someone has a camera we have to pose or look and smile....but for real, unless I say "look at me" (which happens maybe 2x the entire session)...don't look at me!
Enjoy this hour of time you get to spend with your loved ones, just playing, hugging, enjoying the moment. For real.

* Don't stress!! Easier said than done, I know. A lot of time and money goes into a custom professional session, I know. 
But I've worked with kids for years and getting great photos out of them is also something I know.

* If your session is at the beach, chances are around 98% you're going to be in the water....even if it's just your toes. Bring a change of clothes for the ride home. 

* If you're session is at the flower farm....bees love flowers....heads up if anyone is allergic. I've never had someone get stung, and obviously if we don't bother them they won't bother us....but still, something for you to be aware of.

* If your session is in any public place, there's always the chance of a random person walking by shouting over "you look great!"....someone's dog barking at us as they walk by....the park workers deciding they need to mow the field that we just decided to start working in....or there's an event we were unaware of and they are closing off the section of the park we wanted to be in.
Long story short, in a public place you never know what variables there might be, and you also need to be ok with the idea of onlookers watching you. If you're a shy person, I suggest you don't pick a spot like Canalside in Buffalo.

* "Can you photoshop that out?"....Listen, little things like a scratch on a cheek (which, I think is a photo session curse because every kid gets a scratch the night before their photos),  a dirt mark on the shirt, etc. can easily be edited. No need to reschedule. 

* We all know how unpredictable the weather around here can be. I will be in contact with you if it's looking like the weather will not be in our favor. I try to limit how many sessions I book so that I have flexibility with rescheduling. I'd much rather choose a different date then for everyone to get dressed up just to arrive and get rained on or have hair blowing around uncontrollably. 
I want you to love your photos so I always like to err on the side of caution when it comes to weather