What to Wear

I always start my response to this question with, "First and foremost, dress like yourself." I don't want to suggest something you would never ever wear. But I do believe certain clothing options will give that “timeless” look while matching the “vibe” of my image style.
Below are a few of my definite clothing tips as well as some links to shops that I think have beautiful clothing that matches my "look"


The clothes and the colors should "go" with where we are.
At the beach pastel peaches or aqua blues will look great against the water and cotton candy sunset sky.
That aqua blue dress and coral necklace would look out of place if we choose to be in the rich green woods at Chestnut Ridge park.
A bold red fitted dress might look very appropriate for a high school senior in a downtown Buffalo urban look, but would not be appropriate for the flower fields where the color palette is very different and maybe a maxi dress catching the breeze would look much more flattering. 

This is what I use to describe how to pair your outfits. You want to look like you belong together without being perfectly matched. 
How do you do this?!
I like to suggest picking just a color palette - soft neutrals, warm rich fall colors, pastels.
You could also pick a neutral color or two, pick an accent color, and don't be afraid to throw in a pattern or accessories to make your family looking perfectly coordinated without everyone wearing khakis and white t-shirts circa 1999 style. 
For example - Maybe your color choices are navy blue and pink. Dad could wear a Beige T-shirt & darker jeans, Mom could wear a pink dress, the little guy could do a navy t-shirt with a lighter wash jeans and suspenders, and the little lady could wear a navy and pink floral pattern dress.

I'm not the queen of style rules....I once suggested no stripes for flower photos and had a little lady come with the most precious candy colored striped vintage dress and it was amazing.
However, in general, these "don't"s usually apply
**Don't wear shirts with logos, cartoon characters, or writing/words/slogans on them.
I want your photos to be timeless.....and shirts with graphics don't really do that.
**Don't be uncomfortable for the sake of fashion....wearing a dress that's too tight and 6" heels might look good in the mirror at home, but when you're navigating a field of dirt and flowers and trying to play and interact with your child....constantly fixing your clothing, worrying about how short something is, or worrying about twisting an ankle will be no fun.

Where to shop

The stores below have either been suggested to me by a past client, I have used myself, or I just found them and think the style is perfect for a photo session.
Have a great suggestion, let me know and I'll add it to the list!!




This is possibly my favorite shop on this page.
Love the color tones, love the simple “vibe”….
and really reasonably priced. (those dresses are only $39)


The Borrowed Boutique

Rent Tutu Du Monde, Nellystella, Dollcake, and more amazing brands for children. From super frilly and dress, to simple and sweet.

Click below to visit the site and receive a 15% off coupon.


Angora Boutique

Sweet little dress and rompers at reasonable prices.
When you first signup to be on their email list you get 10% off, or follow them on instagram as they often have great discount codes!



Feminine boho looks for your little lady.


Cora & Violet

Adorable handmade, one of a kind, rompers and outfits
Use the link below to shop and save 5% off your first purchase.


Janie & Jack

Classic looks for girls or boys.
And my favorite part ....they have a section called the "Outfit Shop" where they put together complete looks for you and take out all the stress of putting together an adorable outfit. Buy one piece or the entire set all at once.



Vintage inspired outfits in great colors.
Good deals in the sale section, but be prepared to wait about 2 weeks for delivery.



Forever 21

I know, this might be a shocking suggestion….but they have some really cute maxi dresses right now!


Rent the Runway

Rent gorgeous dresses - from elegant evening gowns to casual maxi dresses for amazing prices.

Use the button below and if this is your first time ordering from them you'll receive $30 off your first order.
(as per their terms & conditions)



Feminine & carefree looks with beautiful textures and fabrics.



Chic, Casual styles




A more expensive option for maternity dresses. But if you're looking for unique, boho maternity dresses, you've come to the right spot!


The Borrowed Boutique

Those gorgeous dresses from the above shop....well, they're now available to rent! This store is just developing this maternity section of rentals so they don't have many dresses for rent yet, but keep checking!

Click below to create an account and save 15%


Sew trendy

Order a completely custom gown - so many styles, 40 different colors, and many other options on dresses (e.g. train length, open back, etc.) - or, save some money and look in their "Ready to Ship" or "Used Gown" section.
This is where I ordered my own maternity dress from!
Save 10% by clicking the button below


Katharina hakaj couture

Dresses that are so lovely and fairytale like!
This designer is in Germany and site says it's 3-4 weeks processing time, and that's not including the shipping.
So, if interested, order far in advance!
Also, she offers a 15% discount for photographers in exchange for credit on social media (when I post the image) and for her to be able to use images on her website.

best-maternity-photographer-in buffalo-ny.jpg


Yup, Amazon.
Search "Maternity Photoshoot Dresses"
Lots of options, quick shipping....but as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. The quality is less than the other options, BUT....for just the sake of photos, I've been impressed with what people have brought to their session.